Du gamla, du fria

a cura di Barbara Giuliani
con la partecipazione di Luca Palli Branchi

This interview wants to highlight the single life of a table, without judging the sexual orientation.

How long have you single?

For 32 years, I live eternally in silence. I allow myself only a tenuous conversations with a saucer, with a cosmopolitan magazine three euro and fifty cents, or can stand the weight on my conscience, a tin of butter cookies from a local store.

His relationship with the opposite sex?

I’m desperate, I’ve never up, I try to live with lamps and shelves, but I find it hard to adjust me. I’m basically a loner, at the corners of a studio in Via Milano at number 127. I would like to live outdoors covered with frost and put at the disposal of the neighborhood cats.

She is the master of his destiny?

Have the same fate, meet others in their own destiny, are social media appearance. I showed itself on the ground, sitting, knee-high. I love the distress of women when they cry on the couch and the enthusiasm of the men who watch a football game on television. I grieve when a child rejects me and does not understand that I can change his life, I can somehow be the architect of his destiny square meter.

How do you see your future?

I perceive recycled, I believe in reincarnation. Buddhism has influenced my life. I think the future is a desktop. The future is a desk, by the power of the eyes.

Greetings to our readers?

I want to make a warm greeting to Francesco Ferretti, interior design that saved me from a long depression and would like to leave you with a phrase that has marked my life since birth, “Du gamla, du fria”.