Edward Kulemin

Edward Kulemin


Cash Register Poems (visual poems)
This art project involves aspects of the mutual relationship between the utilitarian and the sublime. As starting material we used real receipts from cash registers. The cash register receipt is a sign element in the system of merchandise-monetary relationships. It contains information of statistical-economic character, but at the same time it has a clearly expressed semiotic-geometric structure. The numbers and letters on it are organized to give it resemblance to a poetic work. The author augments the realistic depictive level by asemic letters and abstract symbols, intensifying the aesthetic effect and giving the receipt the look of a completed artistic work. In it the words, letters, numbers and strokes are layered on each other to form a single, polysemic structure. In the given case, the artist performs the role of a kind of “translator” from the language of economic concreteness to the language of economic poetics.


Cash Register Poems (glitch-poems)
A modern man is situated in condition of informational chaos. The mix of languages, forms and styles of communication lead to the devaluation of words and concepts. Now there are elements of understanding on the level of intuition and the subconscious. Glitch-poetry is an element of modern communication. Glitch-poetry is the consequence of information explosion. Glitch-poetry is a violation, error, fail, difficulty, accident. Glitch-poetry is a part of everyday speech (fragments of words, stuttering, mumbling, squealing, babbling). Glitch-poetry is the consequence of mixing of languages in post-industrial society. Glitch-poetry is a visual mixture of words, abstract symbols, asemic writing. Glitch-poetry is a metaphysical dance of meanings.